Remember that time my post went Viral?

A week ago I attended the Prima Toys Launch of their Christmas range of toys. It was a carnival theme and a bunch of my friends were there so we all had a blast feeling like little kids again. We got to play with the new toys, eat caramel popcorn and shoot hoops for prizes. It was fantastic! It was also overwhelming because there are SO many toys for kids these days. Like most parents I want to give my kids the world but at the same time I know that for my kids personally, less is more. For that reason I limit the number of toys that they have out at a time and rotate their toys. It works like a charm. One particular toy at the event caught my eye and stole my heart. I snapped a quick pic of it and made a mental note to get one for my girls. This was on a Thursday.


On Friday night I remembered that I hadn’t posted anything about the event so that evening I posted a pic of the toy I loved the most, typed up a short, heartfelt post and went to bed. This is the toy:

And this was my post:

What is this weird thing??

Well that scruffball on the left becomes the cutey on the right. Or a kitten or a puppy. The idea behind it is to encourage the rescue and rehabilitation of animals without homes. It was my FAVORITE toy from the Prima Toys Launch yesterday.

Kids will get a box with a scruffy and forlorn looking creature inside. They then wash it and brush it out (thereโ€™s a brush and some other stuff in the box) and discover the beautiful animal inside that just needed a bit of TLC.

If we can teach kids from a young age to adopt and not shop, imagine how many animals will be rescued from shelters. Well done Prima!

I have always had a soft spot for animals and in particular rescues. My own two kitties were from a shelter. Yuki is completely deaf and had lived on the streets until she was found and taken to a pet rescue. From there she was adopted by a lady who already owned another cat, Mitsu. Sadly, this woman fell on tough times and had to leave the province to move in with her daughter. She sent both cats to the animal shelter and I am certain this couldn’t have been an easy decision for her. They were there for a while.

When I saw a pic of them online and read their backstory I fell in love. We had only been looking to adopt one pet but I managed to convince Jarrod that we both needed our own cat in case the cat only liked one of us. Yes, I will use whatever argument that comes to mind when I want something, haha! The owner of the shelter was so happy to home them together that she drove two hours to get them to me even though I was going to fetch them that weekend. (In hindsight it could also have been because Mitsu was a bit of a nervous wreck and would scratch anything and everyone that moved. For years.) That was seven years ago. They are now both over ten years old and best friends with our daughters. These cats have moved houses and provinces with us a few times and cost a fortune in vet and food bills but they are ours.


I woke up on Saturday to see that my post had been shared almost 100 times! I was shocked! This was amazing and clearly there were a number of people who felt the same way as I did. I was feeling quite chuffed with myself but didn’t think much about it.


The views on the post was up to almost 30,000 and I was in blogger heaven. It is so difficult to get your work seen on Facebook that this number was quite astonishing.


This is when things started getting a bit surreal. The post had reached almost 150,000 people at 6:30 that morning. By 22:30 that night it had reached over 2,5 MILLION people!!!! My post had gone viral. My blogger friends and I were losing our shit because things like this don’t happen to normal people like me! It’s for the big influencers and celebrities, not a micro influencer like myself. We were watching the figures update like slot machines at a casino. I couldn’t keep up with the comments and stopped trying.


While I was asleep, The Post (in CAPS because it had taken on a life of its own at the point) had hopped across the ocean to America and the Reach had grown to 6 million before I even woke up that morning. Do you know how Monopoly Money isn’t real money? That’s what these figures feel like.


The Post hit the 12 Million mark by 7am that morning. TWELVE MILLION!!!!! That’s insane!!!! Do you know what else is insane? Some of the comments on the post. Boy oh boy do viral posts bring out the crazies. This was one of my faves:

I laughed and laughed!

Though, as is the case with any post that tugs at the heart strings, there were people who felt differently. The pro-breeders came out to defend their stance, the people who couldn’t understand how this toy was going to teach a lesson came out (FYI – kids learn through play), the people who thought this toy should be free voiced their opinion and many others. It really is very interesting and entertaining to go back and read the comments and how strongly people feel on this topic.


That brings us to today. The Post has reached over 14 Million people, been shared over 150,000 times and has more than 30,000 comments.

I still can’t wrap my head around it. What I do know is this:

1. You cannot force a viral post. There is no formula. It is one part relatable message and 3 parts magic.

2. If you create good content it WILL get noticed. This is regardless of your following or how long you have been blogging.

3. People will engage with posts that touch their hearts. Whether this is in a positive or negative way.

4. I feel very, VERY sorry for people who have their posts go viral for negative reasons. I cannot even imagine what it must feel like to get that amount of hate coming your way.

You can check out The Post here to see how things are going. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Is this something you would buy your kid?

19 thoughts on “Remember that time my post went Viral?

  1. This week was made fun due to your viral post! It was the light between going back to school and being a taxi mom! Itโ€™s a super cool message for everyone out there! You said it girl, love you my friend! Well done! You deserve it!


  2. I just wanna know if you’re going to start charging us to respond to DM’s now??? LOL.

    Congrats on the success of THE POST…it must be so surreal! I was on that post and I could not comprehend what was happening…comment after comment….after comment. Honestly like a slot machine. I had never ‘seen’ a viral post so I thought, maybe your FB got hacked by crazy bots….LMAO. IT was was awesome once I realised what was happening!


    1. I know right! Things have slowed down now. And by slowed down in this alternate reality, I mean itโ€™s โ€˜onlyโ€™ getting half a million views a day ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ What madness is this?!!!

      And yes, I will send you my rate sheet. Plus Iโ€™m gonna charge for this message ๐Ÿ˜Ž


  3. Lucky you and well done, canโ€™t wait for the day… good confirmation to know that theres not much I can do but but continue to create good content and wait for that day the universe sends me a viral post ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I’m one of the ones who shared. I didn’t really look to see where it came from. Thanks for sharing that info as well as the post. If I wasn’t such an old lady and still a stay at home Mom I’d follow your blog! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I keep coming back to see how this post is doing, every other day.
    This is such a great, feel good story โค๏ธ


  6. So much of the reason why this post went viral was down to timing. Itโ€™s much, much harder for a brand to capitalise on great timing because of the multiple layers of sign off and the time needed to plan, prepare and execute a plan. In this case;ย  Planet Earth II had just finished a couple of days earlier, with the big man David Attenborough ending the series on a heartfelt note about plastics in our oceans as a whale chowed down on a plastic bucket. Also Greenpeace were at the time driving an international campaign against the likes of Coca-Cola and other corporates producing too much plastic that was ending up in our oceans, rivers, parks etc. Additionally, at the time there was Skyโ€™s Ocean Rescue initiative and a bunch of others around the world. It was, and now continues to be two years later, a hot topic.


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