Women’s Month Mompreneur #9 – Azraah Heauvel – Kids Clothing Designer

In light of August being Women’s Month, I thought it would be the perfect time to promote some hard working mums. You could find the service provider you were looking for or be inspired to take that leap you’ve been dreaming of.


1.   Tell me a little about yourself without including details of your family and work (it’s tough I know 😂)

Hello there, my name is Azraah, #bossmom over at Baby Republic. I grew up in the manufacturing industry and have always loved fabrics, textures, designs and colour. I’m kind, loving and find it very difficult to say no, (blame the Libra in me), but seriously I believe that hard work always pays off.

2.   How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

I’ve been blessed with two beautiful children, a boy aged 10 and little girl aged 2.

3.   What is your side hustle? And when did you start?

It ain’t no side, it’s my full time passion. Being an entrepreneur means first in and last to leave.

Baby clothing has always been our thing, but we officially launched the Baby Republic label in 2014

4.   What did you do before starting your own business AND what made you leave?

I worked for an awesome company in Business Relations and Business Conduct, when suddenly the word “retrenchment” made its appearance and with that new opportunities. Initially, it was my big break to complete my degree and spend more time with my son. Well, never finished my degree, instead I started a baby label and as a bonus, had a baby, HA! I’ve since done short term courses to benefit my business, like a bookkeeping certificate and a social media course, which by the way, I’ve attained distinctions in each and its benefited my business tremendously.

5.   How do you allocate your time between work and family? 

Very tricky, I try waking up earlier so that when my kids are awake I’m all theirs for the morning and every now and again I’m checking emails when they are occupied with other things during the day. Most times when we are exhibiting or at markets, it’s a ‘bring a kid to work” kinda day…mind you, this has really brought out an entrepreneurial flair in my son.

6.   What have been the hardships of running your own business?

I’m very optimistic so I don’t see hardships, but rather opportunities to learn more and to become the best version of myself in any given circumstance. I suppose one of the more challenging aspects is always having to be on top of things. The multiple hats one constantly has to swop. I’ll wake up the financial manager, then I’m HR managing staff , only to  become the marketing manager and next thing I’m the sales manager…and that’s daily. So, I’d definitely say it’s so important to not only love what you do, but be open to learning and implementing new things.

7.   What have been the highlights?

So many! We won the Mama Magic new product awards in 2015, having our onesie featured in the Living and Loving magazine, voted most trending brand on social media by mom bloggers (at an event), the opening of our store in 2017, meeting the most amazing people along the way, collabs with amazing bloggers, brands and connecting with some of SA’s best celebs.

8.   What advice do you have for other women who are on the cusp of taking the leap into entrepreneurship?

Just “Nike” it, in other words ‘just do it’. If you don’t try, you’ll never know, but I kid you not, it’s hard work and competition is tight out there, so make sure you understand yourself and have a clear vision, by setting goals.

9.   How can we get in touch with you?

We have the following social media handles, www.facebook.com/babyrepublicclothing, www.instagram.com/babyrepublic_za and our web page is www.babyrepublic.co.za. Our store is based in Cape Town, Shop C11, Access Park, Kenilworth and we are open to WhatsApp messages via the number 066 052 0637, for any product related queries.


I can 100% vouch for Baby Republic products. I bought a few items from their stand at Mama Magic this year and the quality is exceptional, not to mention the outfits are INCREDIBLY cute with some of the best slogans I have seen.




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