You’re making memories but do you remember them?

If you’re like me, you take between 10-20 pics a day unless its a special occasion, then that number can easily go up to 100 by midday. We are greedy when it comes to photographs because of the digital age that we live in. Our phones are almost always within arms reach so it’s very easy to snap away and not think twice if someones eyes are closed or there’s clothes on the floor in the background. We (yes, I’m pretending to be younger than I am) are a selfie generation where it is not uncommon to scroll through your camera roll and see fifty pictures of your face that look virtually the same. However, how often do you actually go back and look through those pictures? There is a reason why my phone is always saying that there’s no memory, it’s because I’m trigger happy and I almost never go back and delete the pics I don’t need.

A tick off my bucket list

I attended the launch of the Instax SQ6 about two weeks ago and got to play with a few of the Instax cameras (the SQ6, the SQ10 and the Mini9). Here are some pics of the new SQ6, how gorgeous is the rose gold??

I have been desperate for one of these cameras for years but just couldn’t justify spending that much on myself. Instead, I would look wistfully at the pretty, pastel coloured cameras every time I walked past a camera store and release a long heartfelt sigh. Sadly, Jarrod never got the hint and I didn’t get an Instax as a gift either! BUT I did come home with a mini after the launch and I was over the frikken moon! Best goodie bag ever! The most obvious reason for this is the camera, but the less obvious reason is the lesson that I learnt from using the Instax.


First, let me explain how the Instax works which will put things into perspective. (Please excuse the simplified explanation, technical explanations make me zzz). You buy a pack of film that goes into the camera, you take a picture and then a single film/photo slides out of the top looking completely blank. In a minute or two, the picture develops and you’re holding the photo that you literally just took, in your hand. It’s like magic! I cannot explain the instant gratification that this creates. A side effect of this though, is that it has made me really focus on whats going on and whether it is an ‘Instax moment‘. The film for these cameras isn’t cheap (for me anyway) so it’s made me more mindful of the special moments.

Put to the test

I decided that I would try out the camera for my daughters fifth birthday. I actually don’t have ANY printed pics from any of her birthdays. We have 1000’s of digital pics but very few photos printed and in frames. It makes me quite sad actually because I love family photos and physical albums. Photos are just so expensive to print these days and I’m one of those people who hate the process of transferring pics from phone to usb. How do you choose??? Well, that day I didn’t have to choose. All I did was think of what she would want to see in 20 years. This is what I went with:

1- a pic of her blowing out the birthday candles while baby sister peeps over the table with hero worship eyes

2- me laying on the grass with both girls at the zoo (there’s a mirror on the front for selfies)

3- a shot of Jarrod and the girls watching the giraffes

4- (failed pic-it was too dark – I was devastated) McDonalds picnic lunch on the lounge floor 

5- McDonalds family lunch on the lounge floor 

6- bike riding in the backyard with dirty feet, messy hair and the biggest smile

7- two tired sisters watching tv with their arms around each other

8- the obligatory bath pic complete with a ton of bubbles and helium balloons floating above

9- jarrod took the worst pic of the girls and I in bed. The girls look adorable but I look horrific. He has lost Instax rights.

10- A pic of my daughter and her besties at her party the next day.

They weren’t perfect pics in terms of lighting and layout but they were perfectly memorable.

So what now…

Well, this is my plan: I’m going to use the Instax to record the special days. My phone is there for the usual day to day memories (which are also special!) but the Instax will be there for birthdays, dress up days at school, Easter, Christmas, the first day of big school, the last day of small school, holiday getaways, the list goes on. The Instax albums will be there for us to look at on quiet, rainy days to relive the memories, for the girls to sit alone with and go through whenever they want.

Do I think you should get one? Absolutely.

Do I think it’s worth it? Most definitely.

Don’t be like me and think it’s too much of a splurge, you will not regret your purchase. When you do buy one, whether its the mini like mine, the SQ6 (with the awesome square pics) or the SQ10 (which you can edit pics on before printing and has space for a memory card, no jokes, it’s fantastic!), let me know what you think and what memories are your Instax moments.


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