R500 dinners

5 Dinners for R500? Piece of cake!

I love my Monday mornings.

I bet you don’t hear that very often! It’s true though. My Monday mornings are for making To-Do lists for my week ahead as well as for meal planning the weeks dinners quietly while drinking a latte and nibbling on an almond square. It is a little oasis of peace amidst the organized chaos of normal momlife and besides enjoying the down time, it also ends up saving us money. How does having a coffee and a square of buttery goodness save me money? I’m glad you asked!

R500 dinners Seattle Coffee
These almond squares are addictive!
Meal planning

Taking the time to work on a meal plan is what ends up saving us a significant amount of money each month.

Creating a weekly menu has the following benefits:

  • You save time thinking of what to cook every night.
  • All the ingredients you need are in your kitchen already.
  • There are no surplus ‘just in case’ groceries purchased.
  • Midweek shopping trips get eliminated.
  • Less fruit and veg gets wasted.
  • You’re much less likely to order take out if you have fresh ingredients available.

I did a crazy challenge last year where I fed our family of 4 with R1,000 a week for a month. This was breakfast, school snack, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats. What a game changer. It’s actually scary how much we spend on groceries and takeout without realizing it. Anyway, now meal planning is a part of our lives and I’ve gotten pretty damn good at it! Seeing as how a lot of my Instagram followers enjoy joining me on my shopping trips every Monday via InstaStories, I thought I would take you along for the ride as well. I’m going to show you how you can create 5 delicious, healthy dinners for just R500.

My Modus Operandi

1: Stroll through the store to check out the in-store specials

R500 dinners fish

R500 dinners ribs










2: Have a look at what fruit and veg are in season. You will know this by the reduced price and bulk buy specials

R500 dinner vegR500 dinners watermelon










3: Grab a pamphlet if there is one

4: Sit down with a coffee, pen and paper and make a list of the ingredients you still have at home that’s been carried over from the previous week

5: Start thinking of recipes that can take advantage of the specials AND your ingredients at home

6: Write out the list of ingredients needed and see where you can double up on the same ingredients in different meals if it works out cheaper to buy in bulk

R500 dinners meal plan 2

7: Pat yourself on the back then head back into the store to get your shopping done

8: Try to stick to your list as best as you can (this is a problem for me when I walk past the bakery…) and only change if you see a cheaper (but still delicious) substitute ingredient

That is exactly what I did last week and I managed to plan out 6 delicious and healthy dinners for R500. (I had a pack of chicken pieces in the freezer so only had to shop for 5 meals) These are dinners using loads of fresh produce and not bulked up with heavy carbs. There was also enough left over for lunch every day.

What’s for dinner?

Monday – Meat Free Stirfry with Quinoa and lentils

Tuesday – Cottage pie

Wednesday – Fish with garlic bread and veg

Thursday – Crumbed chicken with roast veg (I was so pooped on this night that we ended up having cereal for supper!)

Friday – Homemade burgers

Saturday – Rib braai (Unintentionally perfect planning because we had a sneak load shedding attack!)

Healthy eating with fresh produce and great protein doesn’t have to break the budget. Food Lovers always has fantastic specials and you can really take advantage of these when planning your weekly meals.

The only difficult thing about shopping at FLM for me personally, is walking through the bakery. With my sweet tooth it’s my greatest temptation. It is inevitable that I will buy the girls something yummy but what I do now is I try and find balance so I get something savoury and something sweet. In this case I bought a lovely rye loaf that I used to make garlic bread and my absolute favorite biscuits ever…the ‘big as your head’ choc chip biscuits! They are 3 for R25 and will literally change your life! You’re welcome.

R500 dinners biscuits
I can’t leave the store without 3 of these
R500 dinners bakery
Did you know that you can freeze croissants?











There you have it. I’d love to know what you spend on average for groceries a week. Pop me a message in the comments and fill me in on your tips and tricks to cutting down that grocery bill!

R500 dinners receipt

This post is sponsored by Food Lovers Market but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I’m way too stubborn and opinionated to be coerced to say anything I don’t believe in, haha! #FoodLoversCo

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7 thoughts on “5 Dinners for R500? Piece of cake!

  1. Awesome post!! As a mom of two girls myself, making us a family of four, this was definitely the right post for me. I sometimes find myself cooking a bag of pasta, even though I just need half the bag, then keeping the other half for dinner for the next night – we end up having the same pasta as a base but with different varieties. Another thing I did recently was to poach several chicken breasts in one pot – what a time saver!!! I ended using some immediately then freezing and saving the rest. One prep session gave me enough chicken for about 8 chicken wraps, a chicken-pasta dish, chicken savoury rice, and I still chicken left over that I shredded with the idea of using it for nachos.
    I work full-time though, but I can totes see myself sipping a latte at Kauai or the Woolies Cafe before shopping for dinner prep 🙂


    1. Love this multi purposing of the chicken breast!! You just have to think of creative ways to save time and money. Plus with kids you need to be creative with your meals too 😂


  2. This post has been so helpful for me! I have tried my hand at meal planning, but just never found a way to do it that works. I always have the best intentions, and then it fizzles out after a couple weeks. I’m inspired to try my hand at it again! Megan xxx


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