Barbie Giveaway

Now you know, I can’t have a month (and a half) of Giveaways without giving away a Barbie hamper! Barbie and I are not only birthday besties but she is also a firm favourite at home. The girls have a big box full of Barbie dolls with blond hair, brown hair, straight hair, curly hair, slim as a whip and with curves for days. The range of dolls inspire story lines and intricate relationship dynamics that is fascinating to see.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Barbie icecream!

Barbie dream tubs

Have you seen the new range of Barbie icecream in stores? (Affectionately known as the Ola Barbie Dream Boxes, I’ll explain why just now). The tubs are bright pinks (obvs!) and have 4 different career themed lids. The icecream is made up of three flavours: strawberry, raspberry and vanilla. Barbie’s ‘You can be Anything’ message comes through loud and clear. The artwork on the lids aims to inspire girls to reach their full potential and see past the traditional gender, race and socio-economic stereotypes.

Learning to upcycle

Kids are encouraged to use the tubs to build something specifically in the STEAM careers. What am I talking about?

S – Science

T – Technology

E – Engineering

A – Arts

M – Maths

Barbie has always inspired girls to follow their dreams and reach for the seemingly impossible. She has had more than 200 careers so far including Video Game Developer, Mars Explorer, Robotics Engineer and not forgetting Astronaut to name just a few. In fact, she headed to the moon 4 years BEFORE Neil Armstrong!

Up for grabs

The hamper that I am giving away has:

  • a Tub of the new Barbie icecream
  • 4 sticker packs to decorate your Dream Box
  • 3 toppings for the icecream
  • a Barbie doll
  • a Ken doll

How to enter:
  1. Comment with which one of Barbie’s many careers that you think will suit your child and why
  2. Head over to my Instagram page and follow the giveaway instructions there
Ts & Cs
  1. South African Residents only
  2. This giveaway runs until 24 October and the winner will be chosen at the end of the month by random draw and announced on my Insta Stories
  3. Prizes will not be exchanged or transferable
  4. Prizes will be posted within 6-8 weeks of announcing a winner

This prize has been sponsored by the wonderful people at Blue Horizon Licensing who truly live their brand.


10 thoughts on “Barbie Giveaway

  1. You know my child wants to be a doctor one day, an astronaut the next and an artist and on some days she wants to be all three and many more. I always remind her you can be anything. She is compassionate and loves to colour in and draw and is fascinated with the stars and moon


  2. Definitely President Barbie. My 6year old has such a strong personality, stands firm in what she believes in and wants to save the world. She is definitely a leader.


  3. Barbie dentist. My 5year old daughter, Blake, has her mind set on being a dentist ever since her 1st dentist visit. She now makes me dial the dentist so she can ask them when her next appointment is cause she just can’t wait.


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