Under the African Sky

Goodbye school! Hello Summer Holidays!

It’s finally here! The day I have been patiently waiting for, for months! No no, it’s not Black Friday, though I have been waiting for that too! Today is the last day of school for the year. It has been a long year of early mornings, sitting in traffic, early bedtimes and just busy days overall. Now it’s time to wind down. It’s time to…

Say goodbye to:

  • morning alarms,
  • lunch boxes

and Hello to:

  • lazy mornings
  • playdates
  • and picnics outside

It has been so insanely hot in Johannesburg recently that we have had to move supper a little later because it is just too hot to sit down and eat a full meal while the sun is still out in full force (we normally have supper at 5pm). Now I am thinking of giving up on fully cooked meals entirely and just sticking to al fresco meals outside under the beautiful blue sky with those puffy white clouds.

I decided to surprise the girls with a picnic the other day. I wanted to prep everything in the morning while they were at school so that come supper time I could just whip it all out of the fridge and plate up. I needed a menu that was quick to prepare and not too pricey. Of course I popped into Food Lovers Market to get everything and I managed to create a full spread for just under R350. This is what I made:

  • grilled chicken wings
  • pork sausage and pineapple sosaties
  • deviled eggs
  • ciabatta with prosciutto and marinated tomatoes
  • ciabatta with salami and cucumber
  • a platter with Camembert, prosciutto, salami and melon
  • watermelon, mint and feta salad
  • watermelon and pineapple lollies
  • fruity water

Not bad right??

The kids had a blast! They waited really patiently at the top of the jungle gym, ooh-ing and aah-ing as I brought each thing out.

Under the African Sky

Under the African Sky

Under the African Sky

The sticks in the watermelon were from a craft shop and it was such a hit! The wide sticks are great for little hands to grip. The italian ham platter was wiped out first with the pork sasaties being a close second. All in all it was a pretty great supper and more importantly, it was memorable.

Under the African SkyUnder the African Sky










I’m starting to think that this may be the way to go for Christmas as well. Our Summer is just not conducive to heavy meals at a table indoors. This year we need to have a South African Christmas under the African Sky. What do you think?

This post was sponsored by Food Lovers Market. #FoodLoversCo #UnderTheAfricanSky


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