There’s a Story in Everyone

The Cadbury Glass and a Half project has really outdone itself this year and they have done it with YOUR help! First, it was by donating money every time you bought one of their specially marked slabs. All that money has been put to good use and they have already started delivering R1 Million worth of educational toys, books and games to orphaned and vulnerable children across South Africa.

Now the second part of the campaign has begun and you can get involved without spending a cent. All they are asking for, are stories. Your stories. Orphaned and vulnerable children have been hit hard with lockdown. Volunteers have not been allowed to visit them so they have been more isolated than ever. Stories inspire. They encourage and enable children to dream and imagine a world beyond their reality. A world filled with possibilities and experiences that they can believe in for themselves. It gives them hope.

There’s a Story in Everyone

Cadbury has asked that you share your stories and they have made it so simple. Write a story of between 500-1000 words. Then send it via Whatsapp to 087 240 6488. You can click here to read more. They are not looking for professional story writers, just stories from the heart whether fiction or a true life experience. I know it’s difficult to put yourself out there with your writing so I want to show you that I wouldn’t ask you to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. So I am going to share my story that I submitted. It is a story that I told my daughter recently for her birthday just before she found the glow in the dark stones that I hid outside her window (this will make sense when you read the story). I hope that this inspires you to submit your own story.

The Glow Stones by Nadia Gabriel

Have I ever told you the story of how Fairies give presents to their dearest friends? I haven’t? Well, then snuggle in and get comfy. Let me tell you the story of The Glow Tree.

Fairies are magical beings. They have the most beautiful, shimmery wings and voices that sound like tinkling bells. They’re also really tiny and very shy. If you look outside on a warm summer’s night, you may see them twinkling about as they go about their business. Now, what you may not know is that fairies live for hundreds of years. This is wonderful because they get to spend years and years with their family and friends, doing whatever it is that fairies do. What is bad about it, is that by the time they reach around 100 years old, they run out of ideas for birthday presents. I mean, can you imagine thinking of 100 birthday presents? For each of your friends? That’s a lot of birthday cookies and birthday cards, I can tell you that. 

Amongst Fairies, one of the most special gifts that you can give to anyone on their birthday is a Glow Stone. The Glow Stone is tiny in size but it’s value is immeasurable. This is because it is not easy to get one. Not easy at all! Yet, every year Fairies make the journey to The Dark Forest to retrieve a stone or two that they gift to their most special friends at birthdays. 

The Dark Forest has earned it’s name. Not because it is scary or spooky but because it is just really, really dark! The trees there are so dense that no sunlight can come through and no-one except a tiny Fairy could ever fit between the tree trunks. You know that trees need sun to grow right? Yet not even the skinniest ray of sunshine makes it to the forest floor. Even so, the forest and all the flowers on the ground grow healthy, colourful and strong because at the very heart of the forest is the magical Glow Tree. 

Now to get through the Dark Forest and to the Glow Tree, you need to be a very brave fairy because it is so dark in there that they can only see slightly past their outstretched arm and no fairy would ever dare take a fire torch into the forest for fear of harming the trees. The fairies can’t fly in the forest because it’s too dangerous to fly without seeing where you’re going so instead they make the journey on foot which takes a lot of effort for little fairies who are used to flying all the time. But they do it because the reward at the centre of the forest is worth it.

Right at the very heart of The Dark Forest is the Glow Tree. It is called this because even though the rest of the forest grows around the tree and blocks out the sun, the Glow Tree…well, it glows! There’s really no other way to describe it. The tree has a beautiful greenish gold light that pulses out of it and at the foot of the tree are hundreds, if not thousands of glowing stones. The stones absorb the magic from the tree over time and keep their glow even when they’re removed from the forest. These are the prized Glow Stones. As you know, fairies are really little so they can only carry one or two pebbles out of the forest which is why these are so highly treasured. Not because the stones are valuable in monetary terms but because of the effort it takes to get them. Because putting effort into a gift is how you show someone that you truly care for them.

There have been a few times when a Fairy has carried two stones out of the forest but found that it was too heavy to carry all the way back home, so they drop one along the way. If you are very lucky, you may spot one of these on the ground while playing outside. If you ever find a Glow Stone, keep it very safe and maybe gift it to a special friend of your own.

The next time you have a friend’s birthday coming up, remember this story and take a lesson from the very wise fairies: The effort that you put into a gift is the most special gift of all.

I am no professional writer but I hope that my story can inspire some child to believe in magic and also learn a little lesson along the way.

Now get your thinking cap on and start writing!





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