R2500 Voucher from Battery Centre – Here’s how you can win!

What a year it has been. 2020 is definitely one for the history books. Need to recharge you battery? I need to replace mine!

Covid-19 changed our entire way of life. Mornings spent in traffic became mornings spent having breakfast with the family before heading off to work in the spare bedroom. Formal work attire became trackpants and comfy tees. Packing school lunches disappeared completely and instead turned into moments of standing in front of the fridge around lunch time and pulling out random things to eat. Yes, we did lose our normal, but we created a new normal for ourselves. As you can tell, I have chosen to see the positive side to lockdown. This is equal parts my personality and equal parts survival instinct.

I can’t spin this though…

There is one thing that I am struggling to find the silver lining of though, and that is a flat car battery. My car was still brand new when we went into Lockdown 5. We havn’t been driving around so the poor thing was just sitting in the yard feeling lonely for the longest time. Losing track of days meant forgetting to start the car every second day the way we were supposed to. Of course, the battery went flat. Completely flat. My car just died. We couldn’t even open the door.

Jumping the battery
This was our second attempt at DIYing the battery

Don’t get me wrong, I tried to see the positive in this. We bought jumper cables and gave the battery a kick start and it worked! The car settings were all off but the battery worked. We were so excited that we learnt how to jump a battery, that’s a really useful skill in an emergency right? Well done us! But then it went flat again. So we once again jumped the battery but with less enthusiasm this time. I have to say I started feeling a bit nervous at this point. I wasn’t sure if my battery would cut out while driving.

There’s only one solution

At this point it’s time to accept that a new battery is needed. Have you been in this position? Have you needed to change your car battery because of lockdown? Or maybe you need to change it in the near future? Well, I have something for you!

Win a R2500 voucher from Battery Centre

All you have to do is:

  • Comment and let me know what your lockdown experience was like.
  • For extra entries, click here to enter on my Instagram page

The voucher is valid for a year from date of issue so even if you don’t need it right now, you can save it for a rainy day. If you’re not sure whether your battery will need replacing soon, you can get it checked at Battery Centre for free. Click here to locate a branch close to you.

That’s it! The Giveaway ends on 9 October so get your entries in. South African residents only.

Why Battery Centre?

Battery Centre stocks all kinds of batteries from car and motorcycle to solar. What’s great about them though is the effort that is put into recycling. Most vehicles in South Africa are powered by lead acid batteries. This is all good and well while the vehicle is running smoothly but the problem comes in when it is time to replace a battery. When a battery is disposed off incorrectly, it can result in the lead-acid contaminating the groundwater which is dangerous for both humans and animals.

By recycling your battery correctly, you save the environment from unnecessary harm and you allow the manufacturer to reuse materials instead of having to mine continuously.

Here are the most important reasons why you should recycle your battery in a safe and effective manner:
  • Reduces the burden on landfills
  • Saves energy by not having to produce new batteries from scratch
  • Saves money
  • It’s the right and the green thing to do

This post has been sponsored by Battery Centre.

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28 thoughts on “R2500 Voucher from Battery Centre – Here’s how you can win!

  1. The lock down has been both good and bad for me. With me working from home I got to see my daughter grow from a baby to a toddler age not miss out on alot of her life by going to an office. The bad has being not having the freedom to go out and live your life like we use too. My Instagram handle is @karissamoodley.


  2. Lockdown was tough on my dad. He works for himself and was basically unemployed during lockdown. His car battery needs to be charged everytime he goes out, from lack of using it, even though he only bought it a year ago. I would love to be able to help him get a new battery


  3. This resonates all too well with me right now!! I’ve needed to jump start my cousins car because of minimal use during lockdown and I’m worried that its taking the best years of my car’s battery life. Its like I’m waiting for the day it doesnt start!

    Thank you for this article and giveaway! I love that I can relate


  4. The lockdown has been extremely draining for myself and my family. With my husband and I both being essential workers, it was a tough decision to go to work and still protect our own family. Since both our jobs, even though they are two different fields, require us to save, protect and serve lives , we had to set out daily not knowing what to expect. We had chosen to let our lil one stay home during lockdown, and had only sent her back to school since level 1. Even though we are in level 1 currently, we are still not out of the woods. We have lost people close to us, and I have seen people die from this virus daily at work. This has been a really emotionally and physically draining year for us


  5. My lockdown experience has been frustrating, I got retrenched, I have an autoimmune disease so I cannot go anywhere, I missed my yearly pap smear and mammogram because of this virus, I have had a lockdown birthday, my daughter, my mom, my hubby as well. I have not been able to see my sisters since March, we are still being very careful so not sure when we will be seeing each other again. It has been a long and lonely time and it will take years before I will be ready to venture out and travel, go to restaurants and attend birthday parties.


  6. It was surreal but really amazing. A great bonding experience for us as a family. Gave us an opportunity to start new projects together and enjoy our homes.
    Funny enough after a few weeks of lockdown and of not driving my car I had to replace the battery lol


  7. Lockdown has been quite the journey. Mom of daughters(4).loads of laughs, tears,fun and time we’ll spent together❤️It has taught us patience and to appreciate every blessing in our lives! ❤️No matter how small🤗🤗we grew some green fingers and kept us busy as much as we could☺️😊❤️it would be awesome to win this!! As our car and bike batteries lifespan is up🏍️🚗crossing all our fingers and toes🤞👣👣


  8. Lockdown has been a real challenge… I lost my employment but I got to spend time with my lovely family and that is a blessing… I hardly used my car during lockdown and when I tried using it the battery was just dead… I jump started it but 2 hours later it’s dead again …would love to win this voucher to replace my battery…


  9. This is so me…if it’s not the lights I forget or one of the doors I leave open then I won’t have the problem 😉 #hubrevh


  10. Lockdown was hard for us bringing a new baby into the world in May amd also needing to service our car and soon meeding to replace a battery.


  11. My lockdown experience was literally like rollercoaster – filled with ups and downs, scary and exciting, often made me feel nauseous and has photos of me screaming. But even though it was waaay wacky, I’ll do it again in a heartbeat because the people I got to share it with made the BEST memories by far!


  12. We’ve had a similar experience with one of our cars! Not having anywhere to go, and I think the winter months as well, the battery just gave in! We’re down to one income – thanks Covid-19, and this couldn’t have come at a better time!


  13. What i have learned through lockdown, that you can make anything special at home with family. I have also learned to have alot of patience, we bought a house just before lockdown and had to have so much patience as we only moved into our home in August. So lockdown has been absolutely incredible in my little family, we have spent so much amazing time together learning new things from us all..


  14. My lock down experience was “interesting”. My baby girl was born in April in level 5 lockdown and I had a 16 month old boy already.

    While it was super hard not seeing my family, it was lovely to spend special time with my hubby and kiddies.


  15. Good Day and wow! I think It was meant to be to see this competition. So lock down has been such a change. It had me excited at the beginning to stay at home well to work from home. Which only lasted for 1 month, we had to work from the office again. The other thing is, it was quite scary not being able to do what we used to do, to be in public and ofcoarse to not see family. I became used to not dealing with walk in clients for so many months, to head home earlier than before and ever since the International borders being opened, we went back to how things were before the lock down. So it’s been Rollercoaster of changes and emotions basically. I would love to win this competition because I started having issues with my cars battery, well its actually time to replace it. 2 nights ago, I drove to get fast food because I got home late from work and could not see myself cooking. (mentally exhausted) and while parked outside waiting for my burger to be prepared my car didn’t want to start 😦 I had to call 3 people, my battery was on 8 % and I’m like oh my hat all because of not wanting to cook lol. So the car was jump started however I still need to plan to replace it. Thanks for reading my story.


  16. I must say that overall it has not been too stressful…making the best out of a bad situation. I did struggle in the beginning with the lack of freedom to do what I wanted whenever I wanted. I missed not getting to celebrate my daughter’s Birthday properly with all my family and friends, missed playing sport, my coffee dates with friends, not being able to visit with family and friends whenever I wanted and not going to the beach. I did however enjoy much quieter days where I was not always on the go, reading more books, gardening, spending quality time with my daughter, getting back into baking and also cooking healthier meals………… and the bonus was that I saved money on petrol and wear and tear on my vehicle as there was far less travelling happening. @cathybadcar


  17. Hi, just wanted to say I have been following you on instagram for a while and love your content.
    Experienced the same troubles as you. During lockdown my husband and I started working from home. We soon discovered that our car battery needed to be jump started every time we wanted to use it. Not having the cash for a new battery my husband went to check for a second hand battery. But we chose not to go that route as we were told we could not return it if it was faulty etc. This voucher would be a blessing as we really need a new battery. Thanks


  18. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster with some good and bad days, but I am thankful that loved ones are safe and healthy. I have certainly missed being out and about with my family and friends, and even missed celebrating my Birthday in style in April. I have made the most of being in isolation by re-igniting my passion for painting and clay modelling, which has help to relieve the stress during this time. @dubbiesmurf


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