Finding my Mumtribe

I have always been a bit of a loner. If given a choice I would much rather be at home than do something social. I have a few very close friends that have been around for almost half my life and I have been quite content. Since having kids though, I feel as if I’m not setting a very good example. While I don’t think … Continue reading Finding my Mumtribe

The magic of a second child

When I fell pregnant with my youngest I was a confusing mess of emotions which grew deeper and more tangled the closer I got to her birth. It was a combination of happiness, fear, excitement, regret and and about thirty other less dominant emotions.  Happiness: I desperately wanted a second child. Our family, while amazing, felt incomplete and I wanted a sibling or two for … Continue reading The magic of a second child

I’ve been featured!!!

How exciting!!  I was so flattered when Carly over at asked me to write a guest post. I have been following her blog from the time I joined WordPress and she is great! Super relatable and down to earth.  Here it is: Time to celebrate with a steaming cup of Vanilla Chai …it’s bloody cold today πŸ˜‚ Continue reading I’ve been featured!!!

When breast isn’t best :'(

I read such a tragic story the other day that I just can get out of my head. Here’s the link: Mom Shares Tragic Story Of Breastfed Infant Dying From Starvation If you are a first time mum or even an experienced mum but being pressured to exclusively breastfeed…please trust your gut. If you think your baby is still hungry then get that formula. You … Continue reading When breast isn’t best πŸ˜₯

Hello World!

Let’s hope this is not a sign of things to come πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Baby E was born last Wednesday. This is just a quick post before I forget stuff.  We got to the hospital really early and REALLY tired because we made the mistake of watching Originals the night before and then we couldn’t sleep πŸ™ˆ Hospital check in was quick and we were lucky enough … Continue reading Hello World!

Say whaaaaaaaaaat!

How cool is this! I’v been nominated for a Liebster Award by Jenny, writer of a really cool blog that you can check out by clicking on her name. Thank you! She is new to the blogosphere but her posts are entertaining and if you’re in the States you should definitely follow her (not literally please, that’s creepy) to get info on good bargains and free stuff … Continue reading Say whaaaaaaaaaat!

My long overdue pregnancy story and A’s birth story

I havn’t put A’s pre-birth story down in writing before. Partly because I have been putting it off but mostly because it’s this private little gem that I like to take out and think about and then pack safely away again. But considering that I have such a terrible memory I should write this all up before I forget and lose a precious detail. Especially with … Continue reading My long overdue pregnancy story and A’s birth story