Thursday’s Top 10 – My least useful baby products

I will preface this by saying that the items below are based on my own experience from my firstborn. I’m sure there are Mums who will swear by some of them and if it worked for you – lucky you!!! 😊 Here’s the list in no particular order: Baby bath seat We actually had two bath seats. The first had a metal frame with a … Continue reading Thursday’s Top 10 – My least useful baby products

Thursday’s Top 10 – My most useful baby products

Babies come with a LOT of stuff. It’s unavoidable. You will get gifts from people, freebies from companies at expos, hand me downs from friends and family and not to mention all the things that you think you will need. This is more the case with a first child because by the second time around you would have sussed out which products are necessities and … Continue reading Thursday’s Top 10 – My most useful baby products

Giving of thanks 

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in S.A. but I like the idea of taking a moment to look back on the year and appreciate the people that made it special. So here’s my belated version of Thanksgiving: This year I am thankful to My husband – for managing all our higher level family worries (income, investments, medical aid, did I mention income? etc) so that … Continue reading Giving of thanks 

Let’s talk about sex bay-bee 🎶🎶

That song is so damn catchy!!! Mum and dad, if you’re reading this please stop now 😅😅 ***** If talking about sex makes you feel uncomfortable then you should probably skip over this blog post. However, if you are open minded and view sex as a natural act and not something to be ashamed off then please read on and comment below.  ***** Ok, back … Continue reading Let’s talk about sex bay-bee 🎶🎶

Finding my Mumtribe

I have always been a bit of a loner. If given a choice I would much rather be at home than do something social. I have a few very close friends that have been around for almost half my life and I have been quite content. Since having kids though, I feel as if I’m not setting a very good example. While I don’t think … Continue reading Finding my Mumtribe

Hats off to single parents

Respect.  This shit is not easy.  After some comedic mishaps we ended up missing our flight and driving the seven hours to our best friends baby shower. (long story for another day) This gave us plenty of time to talk about random things and one of those was how difficult it must be to be a single parent. Especially a single parent with more than … Continue reading Hats off to single parents

Mompreneur #3 : Debbie Lee Cheetham

I was quite intrigued when I received Debbies e-mail. She runs two very different businesses from home. The first is her own Graphic Design business. Debbie was a Design Head and Brand Custodian before she had her first child. She managed the account for one of the biggest retailers in SA and like many mums (myself included) she expected to step right back into her job once her … Continue reading Mompreneur #3 : Debbie Lee Cheetham

Does anyone have a time machine I could borrow?

I have had the shittiest five days. Actually, make that ten days. Let me explain.  Our ‘family-time week’ was taken over by grocery shopping, blog interviews, school drop offs and pick ups, hellish traffic in Fourways (wtf!!a 10 min drive took an hour!!) and car shopping every damn day. Poor J went from dealership to dealership trying to find a car that fitted our budget … Continue reading Does anyone have a time machine I could borrow?

*** IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! ***

Our first Mompreneur, Jade from Jadels is giving away a Mystery Prize to one (very) lucky follower! All you have to do is: 1. Like and share the blogs Facebook Page 2. Like and share Jadels Facebook Page 3. Comment here once you have done both with the kiddies product you would most like to win from the article. Easypeasy 😊 This Giveaway closes on 28 September 2017 and … Continue reading *** IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! ***

Mompreneur : Jade van Niekerk

I met Jade (owner and entrepreneurial mind behind Jadels) for breakfast and a chat. I estimated about an hour for our ‘interview’ but we ended up chatting for almost two and a half hours and I would have gladly stayed longer had my beautician not been waiting to fix my wolverine eyebrows.  She is the first in my Mompreneur series and the reason I wanted to … Continue reading Mompreneur : Jade van Niekerk