Re-defining ‘Home’

As a kid growing up, my home was always my safe haven. I was perfectly happy to head straight there on the last day of school instead of going to the movies or hanging out at a friends place. My bedroom was my happy place, with it’s cheery sunflower yellow walls and navy blue curtains. (This may sound like a weird combination but it was … Continue reading Re-defining ‘Home’

Giving of thanks 

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in S.A. but I like the idea of taking a moment to look back on the year and appreciate the people that made it special. So here’s my belated version of Thanksgiving: This year I am thankful to My husband – for managing all our higher level family worries (income, investments, medical aid, did I mention income? etc) so that … Continue reading Giving of thanks 

Fairytale fails

I used to love fairytales. The lighthearted ‘everything works out in the end’ bedtime stories. That is, until I had kids of my own. Now I am reading the stories from my own childhood to my kids and I have mixed emotions at the lack of questions. It’s good that I don’t have to come up with creative answers but also bad that they are … Continue reading Fairytale fails

Blogs I love : A Vodka Kind of Mom

An unexpected side effect of this blogging journey is that I have met and befriended some incredible women from all over the world. One of them is the incredibly relatable and also super hot (her beach pictures make me want to both cry and also do 50 sit ups…possibly at the same time 😂) Ashley Marsh. I have been following her blog for quite a while … Continue reading Blogs I love : A Vodka Kind of Mom

Let’s talk about sex bay-bee 🎶🎶

That song is so damn catchy!!! Mum and dad, if you’re reading this please stop now 😅😅 ***** If talking about sex makes you feel uncomfortable then you should probably skip over this blog post. However, if you are open minded and view sex as a natural act and not something to be ashamed off then please read on and comment below.  ***** Ok, back … Continue reading Let’s talk about sex bay-bee 🎶🎶

Some of the stupid things I said/thought before having kids

These are in no particular order: The kid will need to fit into our lifestyle, not the other way around (eye roll) Why would we need to eat at Spur? All we need is a feeding chair and we can eat at proper restaurants like we always do (I now have a Spur loyalty card) I’m going to get the baby into a routine as … Continue reading Some of the stupid things I said/thought before having kids

Mompreneur #5 : Victoria (Tory) Sutherland-Dadds

It is always so impressive to me when people know from a young age what they want to do with their life. Most take years and a few career changes before finding something they love. Some people never do. Tory is one of the lucky few who found her talent early on and has turned it into a successful career.  Growing up she was always … Continue reading Mompreneur #5 : Victoria (Tory) Sutherland-Dadds

Fit like Mummy

Natasha (Also known as Fit like Mummy on Instagram) is one of those mums who seem to live 30 hour days. She works full time in the aviation industry, runs at least one 5km race a week, plans interesting family excursions (regularly!), motivates her kids to excel at their talents and does some crazy Pinterest mum stuff. I thought she was pretty amazing before she started her … Continue reading Fit like Mummy

Are we spoiling our kids?

This past week was Birthday Madness Week. I called it that because the celebrations lasted almost a full week and we were all going a little mad. It has become tradition for my husband to take our daughter out on the day before her birthday for a special Daddy-Daughter Date. She dressed in a pretty new (it was actually a hand me down but she … Continue reading Are we spoiling our kids?

I’ve been featured!!!

How exciting!!  I was so flattered when Carly over at asked me to write a guest post. I have been following her blog from the time I joined WordPress and she is great! Super relatable and down to earth.  Here it is: Time to celebrate with a steaming cup of Vanilla Chai …it’s bloody cold today 😂 Continue reading I’ve been featured!!!