What the bloody hell..emphasis on bloody

Stop reading now if you are squeamish or talk of mentruation makes you woozy (That’s you love) This post is going to be an overshare of note. I really miss my pre-baby periods. It was occasionally a day of intermittent and very mild cramping followed by 5 days of low to medium bleeding then back to normal life for weeks. Now…man have things changed.  I … Continue reading What the bloody hell..emphasis on bloody

The cloud is lifting

What cloud you ask? The very dark one that seemed to enjoy hanging out above my head and occasionally (often) raining on my parade. PND is no joke. I feel like I have a mild case of it in comparison to some of the stories I have read but it’s still pretty shitty. Now I have way more good days than bad though so things … Continue reading The cloud is lifting

I havn’t disappeared

Well…I guess I kinda have. My hormones have been throwing me completely off kilter to the point where I have taken some calming tablets on the really bad days. Blogging feels a bit too emotionally draining for me to attempt at the moment. Will get back to it as soon as my body calms down. Continue reading I havn’t disappeared

Regrets from this pregnancy

1. Not doing a maternity shoot I’m almost certain this is my last pregnancy. I was disappointed I didn’t do one the first time around and it was one of the things I was set on doing with bump number two. These things are expensive though and I decided not to ‘waste’ money on it. With one day left until baby arrives I really wish … Continue reading Regrets from this pregnancy

The mirror never lies…

…but it also doesn’t tell the full story. I was getting ready to have a shower earlier today and I looked in the mirror just before getting in. I still get a shock to see my gigantic tummy that looks like its been stuck onto me. Then I took a moment to really look.  I have a lot more stretchmarks this time around. I am … Continue reading The mirror never lies…


One week to go!!! I can’t wait! I have never felt this level of exhaustion before. I wake up tired then I get super tired by 2pm. A nap usually recharges me for a few hours then I’m wiped out again. It’s crazy. Making a meal takes all my concentration and my cooking has been the furthest thing from gourmet. The humidity is also making … Continue reading Fatigue 

Shit just got real yo!

My first choice of having a natural birth went out the window last week when my doc confirmed that any tearing during delivery will likely end up as a keloid. Scars don’t bother me, I have always healed badly, but just the thought of a keloid on my sensitive bits makes me want to cringe 😣 I must say I was really disappointed with the … Continue reading Shit just got real yo!

VBAC -vs- C Section…what to do…what do…

Ugh! I’m so confused. From the moment we decided to have another child I knew I desperately wanted a natural birth. I did the first time around as well but ended up having an emergency C section because A had stopped growing from one week to the next and also hadn’t dropped into position. The doctor tried inducing labour but I didn’t have a single … Continue reading VBAC -vs- C Section…what to do…what do…

I’m nervous

The new baby arrives in just under 6 weeks. I can’t wait. This time around I feel much more prepared for a newborn. Im sure there will be lots of curveballs but the second time around  (in theory) should not be as daunting as the first. So why am I nervous? It’s because of my toddler. She is really attached to me as can be … Continue reading I’m nervous


If you have read my previous posts you will know that I have become slightly obsessed with getting breastfeeding right this time around. I now have a breastfeeding pillow, electric pump, milk storage bags and a rocking chair to nurse in. All I need now is the baby 😂 Anyway, this post is about my chair. My beautiful, comfortable, solid, second hand chair. I love … Continue reading Score!