Family Baby Shower done and dusted 

Yesterday was my family baby shower hosted by my parents and sister. I confess I was dreading it a bit. I hate being the centre of attention and baby showers are not my favourite thing. This one however was really lovely. The day before, we went to my folks place to help decorate the garage. For A’s baby shower we went a bit nuts colour … Continue reading Family Baby Shower done and dusted 

When trimming the hedge becomes impossible

Warning: this post contains a fair amount of overshare. If feminine maintenance affects your delicate sensibilities then please stop reading now 😂 Still reading?  Let’s just dive right into it then. I love Hollywood waxes. (a Hollywood wax differs from a Brazilian wax in that you get completely waxed from front to back. Theres not a strand left. Not one. Its gone…along with your dignity … Continue reading When trimming the hedge becomes impossible

Breastfeeding is keeping me up all night…and I havn’t even had the baby yet!

This pic represented my usual night time routine with my firstborn. She would have 4 bottles between 10pm and 6am. It was exhausting. But it saved my sanity and helped me stop resenting my child. Here’s why: I was so determined to exclusively breastfeed when I was pregnant with A. I think back and want to cringe at how naïve I was. Formula wasn’t even on … Continue reading Breastfeeding is keeping me up all night…and I havn’t even had the baby yet!

I miss this already 

We went out after picking A up from school yesterday. Just a random Wednesday when my husband decided to take us out for lunch to spend some time together away from the chores at home. We’ve been so busy lately that the days have flowed into each other.  It was such a lovely day. As if we stepped out of our lives for a few … Continue reading I miss this already 

My long overdue pregnancy story and A’s birth story

I havn’t put A’s pre-birth story down in writing before. Partly because I have been putting it off but mostly because it’s this private little gem that I like to take out and think about and then pack safely away again. But considering that I have such a terrible memory I should write this all up before I forget and lose a precious detail. Especially with … Continue reading My long overdue pregnancy story and A’s birth story

2 weeks and counting…

   Things are happening so fast but to be honest I prefer it this way. Once a decision is made I like to take immediate action. As you can see our packing is well under way.  Flights are booked.  Moving company booked and paid.  Cats flights booked, new crates purchased and living arrangements made with my bestie for the week before we arrive.  Now we … Continue reading 2 weeks and counting…

Week 15

And boy do I feel different!! The queasiness and tiredness seem to have passed. I can have dairy and sugar in small quantities without getting stomach cramps or feeling like I need a tongue transplant and the smell of cooked food no longer makes me want to run. It’s such a relief!!!! I REALLY missed being able to eat a proper meal without feeling miserable. … Continue reading Week 15

I think my cat may be psychic…

 Or a pregnancy detector.  She has always liked to sleep on our bed or sit on our laps when we watch tv but in the last few weeks she has been STUCK to me at night. If she’s not behind my knee she’s on my thigh or against my back or even laying on my pillow like the other night! The rascal! Iv been in … Continue reading I think my cat may be psychic…