Zozi Tunzi Aromat

Fancy a dinner date with Zozi Tunzi and Aromat?

Aromat is set to host a ‘once in a lifetime’ virtual dining experience with Miss Universe, Zozi Tunzi and YOU could be joining her! “Whenever I have to put a grocery list together, I realise how much I miss home – when I can’t find the things I want. The other day I wanted Aromat, and I wanted Aromat so bad. Nobody could understand what … Continue reading Fancy a dinner date with Zozi Tunzi and Aromat?

I ❤ you Scrubbee

This is not a sponsored post. I adore Lush. I love their stores. I love their products. I love how their staff don’t make you feel like a cheapskate for asking for a sample before buying a product. (I have spent a shit ton of cash on products just because I loved the sample so much) I could literally spend hours there just sniffing the … Continue reading I ❤ you Scrubbee

Baby Bag goodies!

For those of you who don’t know, Dischem has an awesome Baby Club. There’s loads of specials on baby products and they keep you up to date on vaccines as well. But my favourite part is the free baby bag you get when you register. Look at all this great stuff! Diaper bag (much slimmer than the old one which is great) Changing mat Maternity … Continue reading Baby Bag goodies!

Product Review: Maternity Belt

Product: Grace Maternity Belt Price: R239 Rating: 3.5 stars My second trimester was rife with lower back, hip and groin pain. I felt like an old lady with arthritis every time I sat down and stood up. What made it worse is that laying down didn’t seem to help either. I was in constant pain. If you haven’t experienced this pain before then imagine being … Continue reading Product Review: Maternity Belt

When trimming the hedge becomes impossible

Warning: this post contains a fair amount of overshare. If feminine maintenance affects your delicate sensibilities then please stop reading now 😂 Still reading?  Let’s just dive right into it then. I love Hollywood waxes. (a Hollywood wax differs from a Brazilian wax in that you get completely waxed from front to back. Theres not a strand left. Not one. Its gone…along with your dignity … Continue reading When trimming the hedge becomes impossible

Budget Huggies -vs- Budget Pampers

     Potty training seems to have come to abrupt halt with A refusing to wear panties (even the pink ones!) and not wanting to go into the toilet at all. We’re going to be moving in less than a month so I’m gonna leave it for now and then try again when we’re settled into our new place. Unfortunately this means going back to buying … Continue reading Budget Huggies -vs- Budget Pampers