R2500 Voucher from Battery Centre – Here’s how you can win!

What a year it has been. 2020 is definitely one for the history books. Need to recharge you battery? I need to replace mine! Covid-19 changed our entire way of life. Mornings spent in traffic became mornings spent having breakfast with the family before heading off to work in the spare bedroom. Formal work attire became trackpants and comfy tees. Packing school lunches disappeared completely … Continue reading R2500 Voucher from Battery Centre – Here’s how you can win!

My one year old’s shoe fetish

My youngest is almost a year and a half. That’s still really teeny tiny in non-scientific baby terms, yet she has a shoe obsession that outshines anyone I have ever known, except my mum (so sad that we don’t wear the same size!) and a friend from campus. It’s not that she has a vast quantity of shoes, because she doesn’t. I intentionally keep her … Continue reading My one year old’s shoe fetish

My unintentional makeover

I have mentioned before that I am undergoing a personal makeover process. I say process because I am overhauling everything about myself from my hair to my personality so this isn’t exactly an overnight situation. The idea of a beauty blogger collaboration has been on my mind for a while and I even contacted two fantastic bloggers but just haven’t had the time to set … Continue reading My unintentional makeover

What can you get for R250?

If your answer is ‘not bloody much’ then we’re on the same page. Recently I have been coming home with fewer and fewer packets of groceries even though I have been spending more than ever before. We don’t eat extravagantly and most of my trolley contains fruit and veg, yet I have been blowing the budget every week. I recently saw a page called Community … Continue reading What can you get for R250?