An open letter to my mum in anticipation of Mother’s Day

I am not an emotionally demonstrative person. For me personally, it is much easier to show someone how I feel through my actions as opposed to my words. However, if anyone deserves a public display of affection, it’s my mum. So I will attempt to put into words what I know I could never articulate in person. Mum, this is for you… I see you … Continue reading An open letter to my mum in anticipation of Mother’s Day

Week Two – The #OneGrandFamilyChallenge

Week Two has rolled around and I’m feeling more confident in terms of meal planning as well as grocery shopping. I did the shop this morning and came back with a few treats over and above the groceries. I planned on doing some baking this week because we pretty much just snacked on Marie Biscuits last week (they were lovely but still). The Bakery section … Continue reading Week Two – The #OneGrandFamilyChallenge

Week One – The #OneGrandFamilyChallenge

I know I said that I would have this out on Sunday but since I havn’t gone to bed yet (01:52), I’m going to say I met my deadline! Here is the Week One – Meal Plan As I mentioned in my previous post , there are no recipes, because the Meal Plan is supposed to serve as cooking inspiration more than a hard and fast … Continue reading Week One – The #OneGrandFamilyChallenge

What’s for dinner?

If you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook, you would have seen my What’s for dinner? posts. This is something new that I started this week as a way for me to reconnect with my love of cooking. As a by-product, I will be giving you meal ideas that are really simple, quick, (usually) healthy and most importantly tasty. Monday night This was … Continue reading What’s for dinner?

The curious case of Girly

I can’t remember when exactly it started but my daughter created an imaginary friend called Girly about two years ago. I feel like I’m spelling it wrong but that’s the least of my problems here! Anyway, when Girly first made her (non)appearance in our lives it was through phone calls on toy cellphones. The whole thing was very cute and she would tell Girly about … Continue reading The curious case of Girly

Flying with kids

I am notorious for my terrible memory. I forget as much as I remember but the up side to this is that I usually forget the things that make me sad/angry/worried/stressed etc. The down side is that this usually results in me repeating said action that made me sad/angry/worried/stressed. The best example of this is flying with my kids. Before getting to that though, I … Continue reading Flying with kids

A Day In The Life Of A Work From Home Mum

In case you missed it : Part 1 in the series – ‘A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mum’  I was so happy when my friend Carly agreed to let me spy on her feature her in this series. She has done what most of us aspire to, taken a fun project and turned it into a start-up that she can run … Continue reading A Day In The Life Of A Work From Home Mum

Be careful! You’ll fall!

I don’t know about you but I say this a lot! At least 5-10 times a day. My eldest loves to pirouette and jump and dance like a jellyfish but her balance isn’t the best and she often falls hence The Warning. But I hate it. Here’s why… By saying ‘Be Careful! You WILL fall!’ I’m turning my warning into a fact. When I actually … Continue reading Be careful! You’ll fall!