Thursday’s Top 10 – My least useful baby products

I will preface this by saying that the items below are based on my own experience from my firstborn. I’m sure there are Mums who will swear by some of them and if it worked for you – lucky you!!! 😊 Here’s the list in no particular order: Baby bath seat We actually had two bath seats. The first had a metal frame with a … Continue reading Thursday’s Top 10 – My least useful baby products

Thursday’s Top 10 – My most useful baby products

Babies come with a LOT of stuff. It’s unavoidable. You will get gifts from people, freebies from companies at expos, hand me downs from friends and family and not to mention all the things that you think you will need. This is more the case with a first child because by the second time around you would have sussed out which products are necessities and … Continue reading Thursday’s Top 10 – My most useful baby products

Regrets from this pregnancy

1. Not doing a maternity shoot I’m almost certain this is my last pregnancy. I was disappointed I didn’t do one the first time around and it was one of the things I was set on doing with bump number two. These things are expensive though and I decided not to ‘waste’ money on it. With one day left until baby arrives I really wish … Continue reading Regrets from this pregnancy

The mirror never lies…

…but it also doesn’t tell the full story. I was getting ready to have a shower earlier today and I looked in the mirror just before getting in. I still get a shock to see my gigantic tummy that looks like its been stuck onto me. Then I took a moment to really look.  I have a lot more stretchmarks this time around. I am … Continue reading The mirror never lies…


One week to go!!! I can’t wait! I have never felt this level of exhaustion before. I wake up tired then I get super tired by 2pm. A nap usually recharges me for a few hours then I’m wiped out again. It’s crazy. Making a meal takes all my concentration and my cooking has been the furthest thing from gourmet. The humidity is also making … Continue reading Fatigue