What I eat now?

Omg. I hear this from my toddler every half an hour. This is not an exaggeration. She will eat a banana for breakfast and as soon as she chews the last bite I hear “what I eat now?” Or ten minutes after we eat lunch. Or two minutes after I give her a snack! What the hell man! Then she tries to con me by … Continue reading What I eat now?

Taking a step back to move forward 

      A had been looking forward to her second swimming lesson the whole week, blowing bubbles in the bath and kicking her legs to the song ‘long legs and splashy feet…’.  I was hoping and praying that we wouldn’t have a tantrum before class like last week. After her playgroup she had a little wobble when she didn’t want to leave the outside toys. A promise … Continue reading Taking a step back to move forward 

When bad days turn great

   If you read my previous blog post you know that yesterday was a bit of a crash and burn type of day. Started great with a fun time at playgroup then Tantrum 101 when I opened her packet of chips wrong (yes, that’s possible).  What I don’t think I mentioned is that A had her first swimming lesson yesterday afternoon. After her lunchtime behavior I … Continue reading When bad days turn great

Goodbye Facebook, hello life

     I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to Facebook but I do have an unhealthy urge to constantly log in. This annoys me to no end because it’s a habit that I have but don’t enjoy. In fact, it makes me miserable. Which is why I have deleted the Facebook app from my phone.I’ve noticed recently that there have been one too many times where my … Continue reading Goodbye Facebook, hello life

My social(ly awkward) butterfly 

   My little darling has never been one to enjoy playing with other kids. She prefers to pretend they’re not there and play with her best friend instead…me. This was fine when she was younger because at that age kids generally play alone together. They don’t interact with each other much and are still dealing with how to process their new environment. This is funny … Continue reading My social(ly awkward) butterfly 

Dates with my daughter

Before having my daughter I had zero experience with babies and very little interaction with little kids. I had never changed a diaper or wiped a snotty nose. In fact, I didn’t even like kids to be honest. I had no idea what to do with them. I still don’t. One thing about being a new parent though, you learn fast! One of the things … Continue reading Dates with my daughter

I won’t remember today

As a stay at home mum there are so many days that blend into each other. Days without any major highlight or lowlight. Average days playing the usual games or watching the same cartoons. Days when we don’t go out and I can’t remember how we passed all the time when J gets home. I love these days. I love the comfortable silences playing with … Continue reading I won’t remember today

Why we’re watching Kiki’s Delivery Service at 23:43…

  Today was a long day. It wasn’t bad…but I wouldn’t classify it as good either.  A will be two and a half next month. When we moved here eight months ago, the plan was to get her into a day care (note to self-my daycare search deserves its own post) as soon as the crazy winter ended. Well, that didn’t work out so her interactions … Continue reading Why we’re watching Kiki’s Delivery Service at 23:43…