Making Black Friday work for you!

It’s almost that time of the year. Two of my favourite things come together – Sales and Planning!!! Black Friday used to make me panic just thinking of the queues and trolleys but now I ONLY shop online while wearing my pjs and drinking coffee in the comfort of my own bed. Every year I have a different game plan. One year it was to stock up on Christmas presents and I saved a small fortune, especially on toys. Then it was to get things for our home, I didn’t plan that one well enough. This year, I need a new wardrobe and Superbalist is going to be my one stop shop!

Accepting reality

A few weeks ago I did a MASSIVE wardrobe purge. I Marie Kondo-ed that shit! Everything came out and the only items that went back in were things that fit me right now and items that I am happy to wear at any point in time.

I got rid of all the clothes that were only safe to wear at home. You know, the ones that you would never wear in public but practically use it as a uniform indoors? I wasn’t really surprised to find that was my biggest pile of clothing. What can I say, I’m built for comfort, haha!

The next items to go were things that I was holding onto because ‘it will fit me once I lose weight’. These jeans, dresses and tops have been sitting in my cupboard for over a year. I have not lost weight. So yes, I could keep them and work harder at the gym (which was my original plan). Instead I got rid of them because if I do lose those extra 10kg then I DESERVE a new wardrobe!

Next were my shoes. I don’t know why I own so many pairs of shoes when I seem to only wear the same two on repeat. I havn’t been able to wear heels for about two years now because of my troublesome back so all the heels were taken out. Next I tried on all my pumps and they just didn’t fit right. After my second pregnancy my shoe size seems to have gone from a perfect 5 to a 5.5 which I can tell you, is a pain in the butt. Size 6 is too big and size 5 is too small. All the shoes that didn’t fit me perfectly were removed.

Lastly were the items that I held on to for sentimental reasons. I’m talking about clothes that I have had from varsity…12-15 years ago. I am constantly torn between the urge to purge and to hoard. Sigh. Anyway, that stuff got chucked!

By the end of this process my bed was piled high and the following week, the whole lot got donated. I felt AMAZING! I could reach in and grab anything from my cupboard and wear it happily. There was just one problem…there wasn’t much to grab! I had removed 70% of my wardrobe!!!!

Time to shop!

Of the 30% of my wardrobe that was left, 20% turned out to be winter wear which means that I have very little to wear now that the temps are in the mid to high 30s. So this is my game plan for Black Friday this year:

  • 1 – Decide what types of items I want (dresses, skirts, etc)
  • 2 – Choose colours that I wouldn’t normally pick and that can work well together
  • 3 – Pick a budget that I am happy to spend then double that to account for sale prices
  • 4 – Look online (I use the Superbalist app to shop for clothes because the returns are so easy) for items that I like then add everything to my Wishlist. You never know what is going to get marked down to 90% or something else ridiculous
  • 5 – Set my alarm for 00:05 on Nov 29th so that I can get my sizes and add to Cart while most of the country is snoozing!
Second chances

In case you didn’t know, if you miss out of Black Friday because you are in a coma or out in the bush with no reception then you get a second chance on the Monday following that. Hello Cyber Monday! Its another round of crazy sales and usually different items are marked down which is awesome.

In case you were wondering, yes, I have already started adding to my Wishlist and this is what I have so far. (Let me know what you think and if there’s anything here that is breaking fashion rules, lol!)







I’m really hoping that I can get them ALL!

Get started!

If you also plan on doing a wardrobe overhaul or you need a few filler items. then Click Here for the Black Friday sale page and Here for the Cyber Monday sale page on Superbalist. I would suggest downloading the app though, it’s really easy to navigate and much faster to shop.


This post was sponsored by Superbalist. I can’t recommend them highly enough though. Their usual sales are fantastic so Black Friday will blow your mind!

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