Budget Huggies -vs- Budget Pampers

Potty training seems to have come to abrupt halt with A refusing to wear panties (even the pink ones!) and not wanting to go into the toilet at all. We’re going to be moving in less than a month so I’m gonna leave it for now and then try again when we’re settled into our new place. Unfortunately this means going back to buying a normal monthly supply of Nappies. We were saving a ton by her using panties during the day but what can you do. 

She was using the Huggies pull-ups but since she’s not using them for their actual pull up/pull down purpose I decided to go back to normal Nappies. I usually buy the Pampers Active Baby (blue pack) but I noticed a new Pampers Sleep and Play (Orange pack) that was much cheaper so I decided to try it. Then I saw the Huggies Dry Comfort (red pack) which was also quite affordable so I got that one too to test it out.

Pampers – R179 – pack of 58

Huggies – R125 – pack of 44

When I opened the Pampers pack yesterday evening I had a moment of panic because it felt so thin. A drinks a lot of water so I was worried that this one would leak during the night. Then I opened the Huggies pack to see if that was better and it did feel thicker.

I decided to do a moisture test. I added 250ml of water to each Nappie but only 10ml at a time (I had some time on my hands 🙂 ) 

Liquid retention: both held the 250ml of liquid well with no leaks 

Inner lining test: the Pampers felt cold to the touch but it didn’t actually feel wet. The Huggies on the other hand was very wet! Which is terrible against baby’s skin and a nappy rash waiting to happen. 

We opened each to see what was inside and the Pampers has these little gel balls while the Huggies is more of a gel paste and you could feel the moisture difference when touching each one.

The results: My vote is for the Pampers budget pack. The thinner Nappie should also be more comfy for baby. A wore it to bed last night and I didn’t need to change her so I’m going to stick to this pack going forward. 

The Huggies should also be fine during the day provided you constantly check it and change it before it becomes too wet. 


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