Dear husband, thank you…and I’m sorry

  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to leave work and be a stay at home mum…and I’m sorry that you have the stress of being our sole breadwinner. 

Thank you for kissing me goodbye in the morning while I’m still snuggled in bed with our baby…and I’m sorry I don’t always wake up with you in the mornings to keep you company before work. 

Thank you for staying up into the early hours of the morning working on your startup so that you can better our lives…and I’m sorry that I get upset at times about you not spending enough of your time with us. I know that you do and make up for the hours when we sleep.

Thank you for making me feel desirable and still copping a feel after all these years…and I’m sorry that I’m often too tired to do more than snuggle.

Thank you for asking my opinion on so many things that are important to you. It really makes me feel like I’m more than just a mum…and I’m sorry that our conversations are cut short or interrupted so often by trips to the potty or water bottle requests. 

Thank you for moving us to a new province. I know we did it for a few good reasons but I also know that you did it mostly because I was bored out of my mind with our lives and needed to shake things up a bit…and I’m sorry that the move was so expensive but I’m not sorry that we have a chance to spend so much of time together just the three of us. I have loved every single moment of it.

Thank you for being the most amazing dad. I can see how much you love A and how you crumble when she hugs you. You have happily changed your lifestyle to accommodate our new addition and you do it without a single complaint. You’re so patient…and I’m sorry I don’t give you the credit you deserve. I second guess you because you do things differently from me but different doesn’t mean wrong. For this I am extremely sorry. I make you doubt yourself and I shouldn’t because you’re amazing and you’re almost always right. Yes, I said it. It’s true.

Thank you for being my best friend. You are always the person I want to talk to most. The one I want to tell all my secrets to. The one who holds my heart. I am so thankful that you are mine and I will never be sorry for that.

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