A Day in the Life of a Mompreneur

I ‘met’, Marishka last year when I did a review of her lifestyle and clothing range,  Muppie Lounge. I had been low key stalking her range for a while so I was over the moon to get a chance to do the review. It was only after this that I found that she is a fellow blogger as well as a mum to four little kiddies. We have since become really good friends and hearing about the happenings in Welkom is a constant fascination of mine. Marishka and Carly both stay in the Free State and they complain about ten minutes of traffic!!! LOL for days! Marishka is a Christian blogger and while I am in no way religious, her writing leaves me with a warm feeling inside and I admire her faith even if its something I struggle to understand. I know very few people with her level of commitment and determination. We both started an 8 week fitness programme at the beginning of this year. She has since completed the programme and is now training to climb Kilimanjaro while I am on attempt #8 of Week One. Here’s a day in the life of a super achiever:


My days don’t look exactly the same, but I do have a weekly schedule and it’s pretty much the same each week. Monday’s to Thursday’s are chaotic, it’s just one big rush! Friday’s are our play date days and some Friday’s I’ll have 8 kids playing here. I feel like I’m always running, but I’m not. I do make time for visiting with good friends, dating my husband on Monday mornings (we have breakfast together)

and Saturday’s are my Sundays where I do absolutely nothing except for the occasional birthday party. I plan meals in advance over a weekend but shop daily. I have to plan my life and every step in it! I need routine otherwise my chaos will just be one big mess!

I’ll give you a run down of my typical Wednesday seeing that it’s still fresh in my head.

5:00 – My alarm goes off but I’m already awake only because I’m so uncomfortable. Baby snuck into my bed during the night.

5:10 – I force myself out of bed and start running a bath. While that’s going I make my way to the kitchen and press the button on the coffee machine. While I wait for my caffeine fix, I start the lunch boxes. I don’t pre-pack, I like to think freshly made sandwiches will just taste better by 10 when they have break.

5:30 – I finish in the kitchen and jump in the bath. The kids start waking up and one by one they join me in the bath. Although they bathe at night, they feel the need to take a bath with me every time I’m in there.

5:50 – I’m dressed and heading back to the kitchen. I’m still drinking the same cup of coffee. No jokes!

6:00 – I wake whoever is still sleeping, including Barry my husband. I start brushing hair, packing bags and making breakfast. Breakfast is different every day from Monday to Friday. Some mornings it’s eggs (boiled or scrambled) or I’ll make French toast, other mornings it’s just oats or muesli with yogurt. On a Wednesday I make toast with beans.

6:30 – The kids are all dressed and we sit down to eat. I don’t eat with the family, it’s too early for me. At this time I make myself a cup of green tea. Barry takes a long relaxing bath alone.

6:50 – I start telling the kids we need to go and that they need to finish. They brush their teeth and so do I.

7:10 – My voice gets louder because everyone is cuddling the cats! We need to go!

7:20 – We all say bye to daddy and I remind him to take his lunchbox.

7:25 – We leave home in a rush and I give the same speech every morning on how we can’t always be late!

7:29 – We arrive at school.

7:30 – The bell goes off and we run! All 4 of us! I kiss my grade 3 on her forehead and she goes to her class. I walk my grade 1 to her class and leave with the boys once she is settled.

7:45 – I stop at the boys’ school and help them get their bags. They kiss me good-bye and walk in alone. Like big boys!

7:50 – I feel a sense of relief, like I can finally breathe. I drive straight to Pick n Pay.

8:00 – I do my shopping for the day. Whatever we’re making for dinner, snacks and other things we might need in the house.

8:25 – I’m home and make another cup of green tea.

8:30 – It’s time to blog or work but it’s always on the computer. I get lost in time once I sit in front of my computer.

9:59 – Where did the time go?! I jump up and race to a PTA meeting that starts at 10!

10:59 – I jump up from the table and excuse myself because I have another meeting with the photographer at 11:00.

11:55 – I leave and drive straight home, quickly share my blog post, then pack everything I’ll need for the next couple of hours. I pack tennis clothes and shoes with a tennis racket and netball ball. I look for music books and finally find it in the drawer! I grab bottles of water and a packet of nuts! I forgot to eat!

12:20 – I stop at school to get the boys. The moms are chatting but I’m late! Luke has tennis! The boys are super happy to see me, and we run!

12:32 – We stop at tennis but he can’t go in yet, I must first help with socks and shoes. We made it!

13:00 – We race from tennis to school.

13:15 – School comes out. I give Roxy her ball and water and off she goes to netball. I get Nika and we leave.

13:25 – We stop at home and I pop fish fingers into the oven. I set the timer and get back in the car.

13:40 – I race back to get Roxy from school.

13:50 – We rush home.

13:55 – I jump out of the car, pack fish fingers in a lunchbox, plate fish fingers for the others and take Nika to music while she eats in the car.

14:04 – We stop at music and we are late! I wait there in the car. I catch up on social media and mails.

14:30 – We leave music and head back home.

14:35 – We get home and I check Roxy’s school bag. I run my finger through her homework and get her started.

14:50 – Nika and I are back in the car, she has Wize Eye. We make it on time and she goes in. I wait in the car. This time I’m spending time pinning some stuff on Pinterest and making lists for tomorrow.

15:30 – We head home.

15:45 – I start dinner while Nika relaxes for a while. I check Roxy’s homework.

16:10 – I call Nika to start her homework. The other 3 kids are playing outside, building a tent with all the blankets.

16:20 – Someone knocks on the door. It’s a friend of mine who lives close by. She stays for 20 minutes and leaves again.

16:40 – Nika carries on with homework while I finish dinner. The kids are getting tired and they start to fight. Gosh what am I saying, I’m the one getting tired!

17:10 – I tell the kids to bring everything inside and clean up where they played.

17:30 – Nika is finally done with her homework.

17:45 – We have dinner at the table outside. Kelvin doesn’t eat. Like ever!!

18:10 – I run two baths and pack the dishwasher.

18:15 –  The kids jump in the bath, I wash and dress Kelvin. The rest can do all that themselves by now.

18:30 – The kids are done and it’s medicine time.

18:45 – I tell the kids to drink their last water, brush their teeth and get what they need for bedtime. They tell me it’s still daytime but I tell them it’s Summer! It’s late!

18:55 – All the kids are in bed. I lie down with Kelvin, they all sleep in one room. This way I can manage it easier. We take turns to pray. We have a specific order so that each child can get a turn to go first. Once they are done praying, I pray for them. After all the prayers are done, we say good night and they have to sleep. I stay in the room until they are all sleeping.

19:25 I sneak out of the room. Barry is home. Finally! I sit with him while he eats his meal. We chat about our day.

21:00 We go to bed. He sleeps immediately but I do some work on my laptop in bed. Some nights I’ll sketch, other nights I’ll blog. I remember I have to get organized for Sunday school. I make up my own lessons, but I usually leave it till Friday mornings. It all depends on what needs to get done.

23:00 I put my phone on charge and go to bed.

Are you exhausted? I’m exhausted just reading that!!! I may have forgotten to mention that she is also a Sunday School teacher and hosts an annual Womens Faith Conference…

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