Morning drop offs suck big time

I hate the morning drop off at daycare. I literally hate it.

I wake up at 7:30 with a cuddle then plonk her on the loo where she pees with her eyes still closed. This is amazing since her usual waking up time is 10am. Then she opens her eyes to brush her teeth and off to her pinky room we go to change her for school. This can take anything from 2 minutes to 15 depending on her mood. For the past month or so she has enjoyed choosing her own clothes which is great…on the weekend. It gives her independence and leads to some creative looks. However, when I’ve taken out the 5th top and it gets rejected my nerves get a bit frazzled.

Once she’s changed its hugs for dad and off we go. You may notice that there is no breakfast involved. I think it may be related to her usual late wake-up time but shes not one to eat anything before 9 or 10am. So her snack at school (yoghurt, fruit and a treat) is usually her first meal of the day. The drive there is only about 5 minutes when we leave home at 8 but she is so subdued in the car. When we get there I can just see her face start to crumble as I unstrap her from the car seat. It takes all my determination not to cry before she does. For the past few days we have arrived to the other kids rushing to the door and screaming her name which makes me happy that they have embraced her presence but it doesn’t seem to hold much weight with A. A quick kiss and hug and I hand her over to the class assistant while she cries quietly. This is actually progress from last weeks screaming of ‘Don’t go mummy!!!!’ . Then I head home crying and count the minutes until I fetch her.

I know this is the right decision for her. I can see that she has had fun when I fetch her. I also know that its only 3.5 hours (I fetch her early…don’t judge me) and that this time will make a big difference once her sister arrives. But boy oh boy is it testing my emotions. I wonder if this would be easier to deal with if I weren’t full of crazy pregnancy hormones…
(The pic is from her birthday party at school. I don’t think the teacher took me seriously when I said she hates the birthday song 🙈)



One thought on “Morning drop offs suck big time

  1. Awwwww it is excruciating when they cry. Poor mama. My brother always says “Everything is a phase, even the good bits” I hope this sucky phase passes quickly for you guys.


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