A good place to be 

Its 1:30am

My daughter finally fell asleep in her toddler bed next to me just after midnight. This after us coming to bed at 9pm. She is a night owl. I just love our bedtime chats though. She’s so sweet. 

My husband is asleep next to me and isn’t snoring. Even in his sleep he reaches out to touch me with a hand or a foot. I fuss about feeling hot but I (not so) secretly love it.

The baby has finally stopped doing backflips and hot yoga in my tummy and seems to have fallen asleep at last. I feel another night owl is on the way.

I want to stay up and enjoy the quiet and the peacefulness of this moment in time but I’m exhausted and my body aches.

I’m just so happy right now with my little family.


2 thoughts on “A good place to be 

    1. We were just chatting earlier about how much more lively the house will sound with two kids around. I’m really looking forward to getting past the nightmare 4 months and then into the fun times 😂


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