Chicken Schnitzel

Week Two Recap of the #OneGrandFamilyChallenge

We’re almost half way there! I am into the second week of the challenge and things are getting easier. Long term ingredients are being rolled over which is giving me more options to work with. I had fun with the cooking as usual but my favorite meal this week was definitely the Peanut Beef Stirfry on Saturday. It was such a cold day and this meal was just pure comfort food. If you missed it, here’s a recap of the weeks meals:

Day 8 – Monday – Falafel and Wasabi Wraps

I know this sounds like a weird combination but IT WORKS! I had to use half a tube of wasabi paste to get the right balance but the wraps were wonderful. You will find the full recipe here

Day 9 – Tuesday – Chicken Schnitzel with Creamed Spinach and Sweet Potato Chips

I usually buy schnitzels ready made but I quite enjoyed making my own this time around. The chips were lovely but I should have steamed it for a bit longer in the microwave then it probably would have browned faster in the oven. Click here for the full recipe.

Day 10 – Wednesday – Southern Fried Cabbage

This was a guest recipe from my friend Jeanette and when she sent it through I was equal parts fascinated and skeptical. I didn’t think there was any way the ingredients would make up a full meal so I added in baby potatoes BUT I was wrong. The meal was perfect exactly as she sent it through. You will find the full recipe here.

Day 11 – Thursday – Crabstick pasta

I got a bit of flack for this pasta from a well meaning citizen (insert eye roll) but it was really delicious. I thought I would only use half a packet but the girls started snacking on the crabsticks as I fried it and then Jarrod came home and started nibbling so I ended up using the whole bag! You can grab the recipe here.

Day 12 – Friday – Rib Night

We all love Pork ribs at home but I rarely buy it because I usually pay around R160 for two racks. At Food Lovers Market, I paid R93 for three racks!! The marinade wasn’t my favourite but I fixed it with some soy and honey. These ribs were finger licking good! The recipe is right here.

Day 13 – Saturday – Peanut Beef Stirfry

This was my favourite and it is such an easy meal to make! It is a bowl of sweet and savoury, sticky peanut goodness and you can find the recipe here

Day 14 – Sunday – Prawn Pad Thai

Sunday was Mother’s Day so I didn’t cook and I was spoilt with a delicious pad Thai filled with the juiciest prawns ever! I think there’s still some leftover in the fridge which I’m going to warm up now…

What about breakfast and lunch?

I don’t keep a set meal plan for breakfast because it depends on what the girls want and how much of time we have before leaving for school. This week we had combinations of the following:

  • Corn flakes
  • Yoghurt
  • Eggs (fried, scrambled, cheesy)
  • Toast and avo

Lunch is usually whatever we had for dinner the night before so that’s pretty simple.

Weekly wrap up

This week flew by for some reason. I got my daughter involved with making the falafels and beating up the Schnitzel so we had some fun in the kitchen.

If you missed it, you can find the Week One Meal Plan here as well as the recap.

Exciting news

Food Lovers Market is giving away R1,000 in groceries to one lucky person (in South Africa) who is following the challenge!!! All you have to do is join the #LoveFoodMovement group on Facebook and comment with your budget saving tip. That’s it! Goodluck!!

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