Thai Red Curry + Stirfry for the kids


Thai red curry


– Cook the rice in the microwave as per packet instructions. I cook the jasmine rice for two minutes less than on the bag because I don’t like it too squishy.

– While the rice is cooking, slice up your chicken and veg.

– Fry all the veg in one pan and all the chicken in another. Season as you like, I just added salt and mixed herb dried spice with a bit of soy.

– DO NOT cook the veg until soft. It needs to still have a bit of crunch.

– In another pot, fry out the curry paste with some olive oil then throw in a few dried lime leaves and a splash of fish sauce. Cook that out, then add in half a can of coconut milk and stir until the paste dissolved completely. Add in the balance of the coconut milk and then a can of water. Bring to the boil then simmer for 10 minutes.

– While the curry sauce is simmering, add in a little grated palm sugar and a splash of soy. Taste as you go to get the balance right.

– Everything should be ready at the same time. I kept it all separate because my girls don’t eat spicy food so they have a lovely chicken Stirfry and we have a nice, spicy Thai curry. Everyone is happy using exactly the same ingredients.

Additional info:

– Be very, VERY careful with the fish sauce. Not only does it have a rather strong stink smell, but the flavour is also quite overwhelming. You can do without it but if you have a bottle sitting in the fridge then you may as well add a splash in for an extra layer of flavour. Don’t buy a bottle unless you cook Asian meals quite often.

Thai red curry


I am actually awful at following recipes so I won’t be giving you precise measurements for anything unless it’s a baking recipe. Trust yourself and your tastes buds. If you hate broccoli, leave it out. If you love peppers, add it in. These meals are very flexible in terms of quantities. If you really, REALLY want precise measurements then you can pop me a message


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