Hair as black as ebony, lips as red as rose, eyes as yellow as…wait…what?

Baby E has jaundice.
I noticed that her eyes were a bit off colour when we brought her home. It wasn’t a bright white around the pupil but more of a yellowygrey. I couldn’t check properly though because she only woke up for a short time and that was usually at night when it was too dark to check. Then J said that she looked a bit yellow when she screamed but I said that’s probably coz her face was all scrounged up and it was cutting blood flow. I was wrong.

We had her one week check up yesterday and as soon we walked in the doc said she would check about the jaundice and I was like ‘What jaundice?’ Clearly the signs were quite obvious and I just couldn’t read it. Apparently it’s quite common and usually clears within a few days but breastfeeding can prolong the jaundice to two or three weeks. 

We had to take her downstairs to the lab for a blood test. If you have never seen blood being drawn from a baby consider yourself lucky. The nurse bent her wrist at an impossible angle and I was sure that I was going to hear a snap. Then she took the tiniest needle and poked the front of her wrist. Then she poked her again. And again. And again. I was just about to lose my shit when I saw a tiny drop of blood come out. Thats when the nurse explained that the veins are so tiny that its difficult to get the needle inside on the first try. Boy oh boy did she scream. My heart was breaking. I couldn’t cry though because A was there also and I didnt want to freak her out. They took very little blood but the whole process felt like it took an hour. It was probably less than five minutes. She fell asleep afterwards so clearly the trauma was more for us as parents. 

The doc called half an hour later with the results and said the jaundice level is low enough that we don’t need to worry. It will clear soon enough. I still find myself manically staring into her eyes whenever she looks at me though to check if her eyes look brighter. I am resisting googling because I know I will just freak out. So for now I am patiently waiting for a non red and yellow baby.

5 thoughts on “Hair as black as ebony, lips as red as rose, eyes as yellow as…wait…what?

  1. My little one has had jaundice from birth and he’s 3 weeks now. He’s not as yellow but his eyes are still slightly discoloured. Everyone I’ve spoken to has completely brushed it off so I wouldn’t worry about it at all 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting! I never went through this with my firstborn and don’t know anyone else who has so I don’t know how worried to be. 🙈but the pead also seemed pretty chilled about the whole thing so I’m trying to not get too stressed.

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  2. It’s surprising the nurse went for the wrist to draw blood. Both my kids had slight jaundice and had heel pricks for the blood draw. It’s much easier to access and a little kinder一they still scream the daylights out of you though. The light scanner always gives a higher reading for some reason.
    They get over it if you breastfeed lots and if you need to, add the ostevit vit D supplement. Rub a drop on each nipple before a feed. Hang in there.

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  3. My little man needed phototherapy because of his jaundice! It really woke him up, before then he was pretty k.o’d from the pethedine during birth! His eyes stayed a bit yellow for a few weeks. Don’t know when his skin started looking better, seemed like I could notice it for ages but i’m sure it was fine long before his eyes were.

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