Regrets from this pregnancy

1. Not doing a maternity shoot

I’m almost certain this is my last pregnancy. I was disappointed I didn’t do one the first time around and it was one of the things I was set on doing with bump number two. These things are expensive though and I decided not to ‘waste’ money on it. With one day left until baby arrives I really wish I hadn’t been so shortsighted.

2. Not taking my daughter out more

We had big plans to take her out for more activities but something always got in the way (school, illness, bad weather, the maids cleaning days, me feeling under the weather, laziness, etc. etc). I’m sad that we have been in Durban for 6 months and havnt taken her to the beach once.

3. Not cutting down on sugar 

As soon as my first trimester nausea eased off and I could eat dairy again, I pretty much indulged every sweet tooth craving. Pretty sure this regret is gonna go to No1 after baby arrives and I still look 6months pregnant 6 months from now 😂

4. Not going on more dates

My husband and I should have made the time for more dates. My folks are always willing to babysit but we were too greedy for family time and missed out on couple time.

5. Not taking weekly bump pics

I was doing so well until Week 16 when my phone crashed and I got a new phone. I lost all my pics and felt it was pointless to start from week 18. Silly me.

It’s 2am the day before I’m due in hospital. I guess 5 regrets isn’t bad 🙂

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